Search Engine Comparison

29 Sep

Halloween: Search Engine Comparison


This task required us to make a comparison between three different search engines: Google, DuckDuckGo and Instagrok. For this specific task, I chose to research the topic of Halloween. Admittedly, I had not heard of the last two search engines until I read the assignment brief. However, I did found it to be an interesting experience using the three different search engines.



Google provided me with the most straight-foward and basic response to the topic. I believe that I found this to be the easiest search-engine to navigate because I was already so used to using it. The first result that popped up was Wikipedia, followed by any relevant news relating to the topic. The right-hand-side featured a definition for Halloween, followed by more search results about Halloween films.



Instagrok was probably the most interesting search engine I have used to date. I really liked the way in which it presented the information results. The results on Instagrok’s Search Engine were very well-organized. InstaGrok lets you share links to your favorite searches. Within the results, however, it is difficult for a person to find the exact result that they are searching for as simply as they could in Google. There are also no specific ranking in Instagrok, yet rather organized it search in key facts, mind graphs, mind maps and completely separate the search for website,pictures and videos. The right-hand-side of this search engine also features a key facts section, displaying useful information about the topic.



DuckDuckGo was very similar to that of Google, however it appeared to be more simplified. I found this search engine to be less informative than the previous two, and as such i would less likely use it. The first result that came up was the various ‘meanings of halloween’, followed by the Wikipedia page. Like the previous two search engines, the right-hand-side of this webpage also featured more search suggestions, however with less visible information.


Overall, I believe that Google still remains the best search engine. This is because Google has the ability to compress a lot of information into a limited amount of space. Also, the information given are also very up-to-date which is very important. Furthermore, the simplicity of Google is what makes it popular and while I am all for interactivity, I believe that the other two search engines have failed on all levels in comparison to Google.


How to change your default search engine in Safari: 

  1. Go to the search bar in the top-right corner of Safari.
  2. Click the tiny arrow next to the search engine icon (a magnifying glass), and a pull-down menu will appear.
  3. Change the search engine by clicking the one you want. The new search engine will automatically be added to the search bar.

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