16 Oct

Where would we be without the internet?

In order to understand its phenomenal developments and assistance to mankind, we must first look at its initial conception…

The internet has a much more vast history than is commonly known among the masses. It began in the sixties and has evolved into the expanse that we are so familiar with today. As Ethan Zuckerman states in a video entitled History of the Internet, the first email was sent in 1965 over a network at MIT. In 1971 the first internet email was sent and in ’73 email was being used as the main source of communication over the internet. Now, fast forward to 1990 and we have the first appearance of the World Wide Web, written by Tim Berners-Lee, which leads us to the internet and web we know today.

In regard to the web we know today, there are several different details that work as a cohesive unit in order to allow the web to function in the manner that it does. First off, in order for a computer to be able to be a part of the Web, it must be running web server software that has the ability to read Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP. On the other side we have the software that requests information from these servers. This software in known as browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. These information requests and responses are handles via the HTTP protocol. Now given all of the information on the web, there must be some way to organize it all in a manner that would allow one to pinpoint exactly what they are looking for. Enter Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs. A URL will allow someone to request a particular file from a server. These files are constructed through a text based language known as Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. This language consists of purely text that is generated by the browser into the interactive pages we see daily.

This was a quick crash course of the history of the internet and how the web works as interpreted as I have just learned it.


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