The Power of PR

16 Oct

Interpreters House Three required my to sign up to 30 RSS feeds based on my studies, my interests and my peers. With this, I decided to use Google Reader (as it was the only one i had heard of!)

Google Reader is a free, Web-based reader for RSS feeds. You can find feeds on nearly every Web site. RSS feeds offer a simplified view of Web content down to just text, pictures and videos–minus the site’s style and formatting, which can sometimes hinder or befuddle casual reading.

Google reader lets you subscribe to these feeds as easily as typing them into your browser’s address bar, and lets you read them like you’re browsing through e-mail.

I had already completed an Advanced Diploma of Public Relations at RMIT, however prior to studying the Bachelor of Professional Communications, which encompasses Broadcasting, Journalism and Public Relations – I was still uncertain of the direction in which I wanted to go.

Having now completed (almost) 2 years of journalism, broadcasting and PR, I now know with absolute certainty that after I graduate, I very much hope to get into the field of Public Relations and as such, I subscribed to various PR feeds. However, as you may or may not know, in order for any campaign to successfully work together, each field must have a solid understanding of all three types of media – and as such I became immediately interested in a feed which discussed the relationship between journalism and public relations:Relationships Between PR & Journalists Have Changed Forever.

PR-Squared is the blog of a globally recognised Social Media & Public Relations innovator, thinker & lecturer, Todd Defren. The blog itself as been listen as one of the top 50 blogs on AdAge’s Power150.

Defren is a principal at SHIFT Communications, a hybrid PR firm named “New Media Agency of the Year” in 2008 and “Agency of the Year” in 2007.  The $12M company works with clients such as Club Med, Quiznos, Jim Beam Brands, Bing and Wells Fargo.

“…if you’re doing your job right, a reporter will not only see you as a resource, but as an industry peer.  And that makes public relations more valuable, powerful and better in terms of what we can offer our clients….”

Main Points found in the Blog:

  • A mutually beneficial relationship:  Reporters need you as much as you need them. Reporters these days, are being challenged to churn out content FAST and they’re often relying on others to provide insight, quotes, access to spokespeople and in some cases, help educate them on a complicated or new topic.
  • Get connected:  Connect with reporters you meet on LinkedIn.  Even easier, follow them on Twitter or Google+ and subscribe to their feed.  “My best media contacts are people that I’m connected to on LinkedIn and I truly believe that sometimes, because they see my face pop up on their news feed, they remember to reach out with a source request.”
  • Reporters need to network, too:  More than ever, reporters are being measured by their social networks and how many people – hits – they can get to their stories and to then go back and share with their own networks. That is stressful! That being said, reporters know PR pros tend to be outgoing, well-connected individuals, and they may lean on you to broaden their reach.
  • Freelance writers are the way to go!:  And there’s more of them then there were four years ago.  Get in good with a freelancer and you won’t regret it – these are smart, driven and often very KIND people who at any given point could be writing something super niche, for a “smaller” outlet, and then next thing, contributing regularly to a column in a major business publication.  Because of the nature of operating solo and/or remote from the main news hub, freelancers are more likely to reach out with a media request and ask for help.
  • Share News/Information:  You have a reporter friend and they just wrote about your client and you’re PUMPED so you like it, tweet it, send it out to all your friends.  Your reporter friend appreciates this because they want more web traffic to their article and in many cases today, their boss is counting how many hits, RTs, comments, etc. that article receives.



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